Monday, 1 January 2007

About commission availability or personal news

Contact for info: michele.deadred (at)

[updated August 30th, 2013]

I'm currently really busy until end of October. I'm always available for discussing commissions for a later date, of course :)

Commission FAQs

✿ Revisions/edits:

I will provide up to a maximum of 3 revisions/edits (with major changes) of the overall scene/concept/character, at the rough/sketch stage only.

Examples of major changes are:
- a character's pose
- a character's overall design
- the viewing angle of the scene/character(s)
- a scene's overall theme or mood
- rearranging/redesigning prominent elements in the scene

Any additional changes after the third revision will cost extra, because I need the money to pay for expenses to lower my stress levels.

✿ General fees and payment:

My work is priced per illustration or per batch of work.

If you want me to work on a private/personal commission for you, please let me know how much you're willing to pay me, and I'll decide if your price is worth my time -- if I don't reply within a week, it isn't.

A private/personal commission means I create art from scratch, exclusively for you, according to your **very unique** requirements. Please consider this before you expect me to work for peanuts (I don't even like peanuts).

I don't start any work (not even sketches) without half payment in advance. I accept Paypal, bank wire transfers and personal checks. I only accept payment in USD or Euros.


tony ballejos said...

I am currently not an employer, but I had to say how great your work is. Are you a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer as well. Are these all original characters?

deadred said...

Thanks :)

My characters are all created by me. Some characters are designed according to the client's needs/preferences/specifications.

I sometimes write, but I don't have any writing published yet.