Monday, 31 March 2008

Facebook graffiti doodles

Graffiti on facebook is kinda like a flash-based version of msPaint, but it's one of the few cool apps there, far as i'm concerned :P the replay feature is great too. you can view my graffiti replays here.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Various sketches

cutesy character design, just for fun:

some random studies and practice stuff i did in OC with Davi, the duck is his idea..:
i only colored this Udder-baby (Davi's, in OC). See more of it here.
another study, dynamic poses are fun:

Deathdealer Tattoo

belated post of a tatt i designed for Stark (commission) last month

Monday Slaughter

this original character has been a personal project of mine for quite some time. i'm trying to create a girly character that interests me. Her concept has gone through alot of changes; finally found a surname for her recently.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

ChOW 108: Hot Male Vampire Pinup

entry for this week's ChOW at ca, i couldnt resist the silly topic `(o . °)´
edit: i got alot of feedback from the forum that this piece is too close to the ref image i used (i posted that in the wip thread), so i thought it'd be fair if i linked the actual photo used here too. i guess i still don't have enough confidence to draw guys so i'm clinging abit too hard to source :| spank me, need to draw more guys..