Sunday, 2 March 2008

ChOW 108: Hot Male Vampire Pinup

entry for this week's ChOW at ca, i couldnt resist the silly topic `(o . °)´
edit: i got alot of feedback from the forum that this piece is too close to the ref image i used (i posted that in the wip thread), so i thought it'd be fair if i linked the actual photo used here too. i guess i still don't have enough confidence to draw guys so i'm clinging abit too hard to source :| spank me, need to draw more guys..


Lanny said...

Please draw more guys for the sake of female kind :D He came out really hot! I love your artwork and style, I look forward to seeing more stuff!

carguin said...

Hey Michele,

Just wanted to notify you that your image on conceptart under the voting thread isn't showing up... maybe due to an expiration on photobucket? Please repost! And keep up the great work :)