Saturday, 3 January 2009

Annah (fan-art/redesign)

Annah from Planescape: Torment. Character description: "Annah is a tiefling, a brash girl on the brink of womanhood. Her tail lashes when she's angry. She's a canny guttersnipe, and the Hive seems to be a second skin for her."
Image of the original character in the game as reference:


I seem to be painting in lots of red lately >.>


Gax said...

Ouh yeah such well made :)
next will be Fall From Grace ?

nice job.

Benjamin Pinto said...

I'm not from the art community but i do remember playing Planescape Torment. It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. The character, Fall from Grace would be a nice idea for a sequel.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele.

I am so happy I found your blog. Your work is amazing.

I'd pay money for high-res versions of Annah and the succubus. What do you say?

Loki said...

I'm with Crazy on this: I'll pay money for a high-res version of Annah! :P

deadred said...

Thanks for your kind words everyone :D and sorry about the late response, it's been past a few crazy months for me and I've only now have the time to sit down to properly setup prints for sale.

I've made a print of Annah available on cafepress since they seem to offer the best price range per quality :

I'm not sure if they allow Succubus on their site, else I'd upload that piece too.

Cobalt Wolf said...

You, miss, has made a grown man cry with your illustration of Annah. Tears of joy, of course. :) I've been a D&D geek for years as well as a die-hard fan of Planescape: Torment. Beautiful job. I, too would love to see try your hand with Fall-From-Grace as well.

Nirgal Harmakhis Mars said...

I wonder how Fall From Grace will look like :) in any case with years your drawing skills improved greatly ! I have seen your other drawings and I see there a lot of fantasy and imagination, making me think a little about Beksinski's paintings or some darker manga/anime stuff. I wish you a good luck.

As for me, years are passing, I still work on my overambicious space and computer games projects ... slowly moving forward with some successes

Dan Straka said...

One of the best renditions of Annah I've ever seen.

What about doing Jaheira eh? eh?

Loki said...

Oh god, if you do that then I'll have to insist on Aerie, and then others will insist on Viconia and before you know it the entire cast will be asked for! xD