Friday, 10 April 2009

Dominance War IV - week1

decided to join in this year's DW fun :D comments and critiques welcome

Demon Princess - Dak-hana: The Brooding Hunger

Character Description:
Dak-hana is a Demon Princess whose stomach is a "gateway" that opens to the darkest pits of hell where nightmarish creatures reach out to grab at everything. Anything that passes into the "gateway" of Dak-hana's belly will lose all their lifeforce and soul (if any). Some of the physical pieces are absorbed to be incubated/stored as parts to create offsprings.

When Dak-hana has eaten enough, she gives birth to undead abominations that is made up of all the bits and pieces of creatures/beings she has incubated. These undead abominations become her minions and army.

Because of this, Dak-hana usually become most powerful in battle, where she gets a large supply of "food".

Her favorite food is goldfishes.


preliminary doodle, to get a vague idea of the overall shape and elements as a starting point.

upper body test

test thumbs for head/neck design

test thumbs for basic body

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