Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hulk Kitten says..

Today is Davi's birthday (Aug 11th)! Visit his creature site! :P

Sorry for lack of updates lately, I've just been too busy to do much personal work..


Justin said...



joverine said...

haha found your blog through Davi actually
great artwork!
also a nice looking blog-I don't recognize the template from blogger-did you customize somehow?

deadred said...

thanks :D

joverine: nah I coded my blog layout myself (tho i did start from a very basic 3-column template) and then I shared it with Davi hehe

joverine said...

well that's pretty impressive-so you're using both left and right brains huh? lol
well it's good to know there's a 3 column template though!
thanks I'll look into it X)
seeya on the hub