Saturday, 28 August 2010

PoxNora art

There's more I've done, but these are my favs and there're some that aren't released yet, so I can only post later on. Most of these are done last year :P

Disclaimer: I only did the illustrations on the cards, not the borders, icons nor text.

All images © Sony Online Entertainment LLC


- said...

awesome job on these, deady <3

KoboldArt said...

Great job! I had no idea why did you disappear. But everything is clear now :)

I'm looking forward to see the rest of your PoxNora card arts.

Keep up the great work!

Manuel Dupong said...

Dam! Those are some fancy boots!

Tom Scholes said...


luke said...

dear deadred, enjoy your spring hard drive cleaning and 6hourly coffees. see you when the hamster in a wheel that powers your internet gets its motivation back :] from marty

Also cool card arts, i would tap the fairy

robert brown said...

you have been working your ass off!